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If Your Toddler Has Teeth, It's Time to See A Dentist

toddler holding toothbrushMany dentists recommend parents bring their children to the clinic with them, or just stop by to say hello, so they can become familiar with the sounds, sights, and smells of the practice. Providing them with positive feelings in this space may alleviate some of the anxiety children often have on their first visit with our dentist.

Free Check-ups For Your Infant or Toddler!

We offer complimentary check-ups to all children under the age of three. By ensuring all children have access to a check-up at an early age, we help prevent common dental disease at this vital stage in their oral development.

Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Experience

Once your child has a few teeth, our dentist can have a quick look before your appointment starts (make sure someone else is there to take over while you receive care). You should also

  • Talk to your child about the dentist in a positive way, even if you’re scared!
  • If you’re nervous, ask another friend or family member to come along to keep things fun and relaxed
  • Educate the child about brushing and flossing, in an age appropriate way. Also talk about how different food and drinks can affect their teeth and health in general
  • We have multilingual dentists, so we can speak to your child and explain what’s happening in a way they’re comfortable with

If your child has a specific health need, just let us know. We’re here to help make this a great experience for them. Patients with CDBS receive $1000+ off treatment for kids between the ages of 2-18.

Book your child’s first visit today!


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