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Dr Poli Gunaridis

Meet Dr Poli Gunaridis (Dentist)

Dr Poli works exclusively in the field of implant and regenerative dentistry. Since graduating from the University of Queensland, he has placed over 5000 implants and performed highly advanced implant and regenerative surgeries. He has lectured both locally and internationally on the topics of implant and graft procedures, and continues to do so on a regular basis.

Helping Patients Achieve Beautiful Smiles

Working with the team at Bridge Rd Dental, Dr Poli offers high-end solutions for complex and also highly aesthetically demanding cases. He takes pride in achieving top-quality outcomes for all his patients.

Enjoying Family Time in Melbourne

When not thinking about teeth, Dr Poli and his wife and daughter like to enjoy the restaurant and cafe culture Melbourne has to offer.

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Dr Poli Gunaridis (Dentist) | (03) 9429 6020