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Are You Brushing Too Hard?

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Most people think that brushing hard makes them clean their teeth better. The truth is we are not achieving anything extra by brushing hard. To remove plaque, which is a microscopic film, soft brushing is enough. The hard deposit which forms around the teeth are effectively removed only by professional cleaning.

In fact, brushing hard causes gum shrinkage throughout the mouth, which in turn exposes the root surfaces. This causes extreme sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks. Once the gums have receded it is not very simple to fix it back.

Now let’s look at some things we can do to avoid brushing hard.

Firstly, make sure the brush you choose has soft bristles.

Try changing your grip on the toothbrush so that you put less force on your teeth. For example, you can hold your brush by the tips of your fingers instead of your usual grip. Try different grips and see what works for you.

Or, find an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor.

Personally, I made the switch to one that gives off a red light when you press too hard and this works well for me.

Therefore it is really important that we don’t brush too hard to avoid tooth sensitivity and further tooth loss.

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