Invisible Braces

Everyone wants to have a great smile. We at Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, believe everyone deserves a great smile. Our clinic is well known for its cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne. Our clinic houses some of the best dentists in Melbourne. Braces are a great way to correct any alignment issues with your teeth. Braces align and straighten teeth and help position teeth to the desired positions. Your personal requirement from a braces treatment may be purely cosmetic, and a common misconception is that braces are purely for cosmetic reasons. However, braces can also be suggested to improve structural issues with your teeth and braces also improve the function of your teeth. Braces improve the alignment of your teeth and thereby improve the way you eat and the way you talk. After a braces treatment, your teeth will improve both aesthetically and functionally.

If you want to get your teeth aligned but do not like the unsightly wires, invisible braces are for you. Invisible braces are typically used for patients who have mild or moderately crowded teeth or have minor spacing issues. For this reason, clear braces are not for everyone. Our dentist will first evaluate you for feasibility of treatment and then provide you options based on what is best suited for you. Also Clear braces are not suggested for very young children. Clear braces can be more expensive than traditional braces but they have a few advantages over traditional braces.

In a traditional braces treatment, metal or plastic squares called brackets are attached to your teeth along with a metal wire. This structure then serves as an anchor to attach orthodontic bands. Orthodontic bands are used to slowly apply pressure and move the teeth. As you may be aware, when you look at someone with traditional metal braces, they are quite visible and can be unsightly. With clear braces, however, there is little to no indication that someone is wearing braces.

Invisible braces are made of clear, medical-grade plastic. It is just one solid piece that is custom made to gently move the teeth in the desired direction. With clear braces the dentist does not have the option to tighten bands over a period of time. Hence, the dentist uses different plastic braces that serially progress the teeth into position. It is because of the materials used and the number of braces that would have to be custom made, that clear braces are more expensive.

Once our dentist will plan out how to correct your bite and will make a plan to align your teeth. The clear braces are custom-built for each patient for a tight fit. As mentioned, with clear braces, you’ll be fitted for several versions that make slight adjustments to move your teeth over the treatment time. Each time the teeth are gently pushed closer and closer to the desired positions.

Over the years, at Bridge Road Dental, Richmond we have treated many satisfied patients at our dental clinic in Richmond. Our dentists have years of experience with cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne. Hundreds have benefited from our treatment. Simply walk into our office, and we’ll make sure you get the perfect smile you deserve.