At Bridge Road Dental, dentist in East Melbourne, we encourage you to discuss any and all of your dental concerns with us. We ensure that all available treatment options and procedures are explained so you can make an informed decision.

Our dentists in East Melbourne will perform a physical examination of your teeth, gums and soft tissue, and use an x-ray to screen for tooth decay and gum disease. The use of an x-ray allows us to show you the images instantly and discuss possible treatment plans.

Our dentists in East Melbourne can help keep you informed about how to maintain good oral hygiene and take care of all your dental needs.

The systematic and professional approach of our experienced dentists in East Melbourne allows for the swift diagnosis and treatment of any dental emergencies. We pride ourselves on providing excellent levels of dentistry, professionalism and a good quality of care to you and your family. By having a relaxed and comfortable environment we can use the best up to date treatments and equipment to provide each of our patients exceptional personalised dental care.

At Bridge Road Dental, we can provide you with great dental care with the latest technology.

  •  IntraOral Camera – this can be used to give you a tour of your own mouth on a TV screen and help explain  diagnosis and treatments
  •  Digital x-ray – provide instant result with less radiation exposure
  •  Tooth coloured fillings – a filling that matches the colour of your natural tooth

Some of the services our dentists in East Melbourne provide include fillings, extractions, crowns, teeth whitening, braces, invisible braces, dentures, and of course the regular check-ups and cleans.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

These fillings are natural-looking and an alternative to silver/amalgam fillings of the past, colour matched with your existing teeth.


We can remove decaying or infected teeth to prevent abscesses and other problems from developing.


A crown can cover and protect a broken or damaged tooth. Ask us for details if any of your teeth are chipped or damaged – we can help.

Whitening services

We can whiten and brighten your teeth, leaving you with a healthier-looking smile.

Orthodontic braces and invisible braces

We can use force in varying degrees to ensure your teeth are beautiful and straight, with several options for visible or invisible braces.


We can make dentures to fit – see us for more information.

Check-up and clean

Don’t forget your regular dental hygiene! We can do quick or comprehensive cleans to keep your mouth healthy and keep an eye on your teeth.

Root canals

We can repair infected or damaged teeth using root canal treatments.

Children’s dentistry

Bring your kids to us for a pleasant, cheerful dentistry experience to catch any problems early, including teeth appearing in the wrong place, fillings, and braces.

Your emergency dentist

We are a fully equipped emergency dentist – contact us for help with excessive tooth or gum bleeding, pain, or damage to teeth or gums.