Children’s Dentistry

Little children are the joy of our lives. It’s natural for you to want the best care available for them. At Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, our goal is to create a warm comfortable environment for your young ones. Our clinic is home to some of the best dentists in Melbourne.

Children’s dentistry involves care for children from birth through adolescence. Your child’s first visit to a dental clinic should be as soon as the first tooth erupts. Your child should have had at least one dental visit before the first birthday

A good children’s dentist is more than just providing dental care.  It is extremely important to teach little children good dental habits. The earlier they form a good dental routine, the healthier their teeth will be. Our dentist will provide you with a list of habits that will go a long way in protecting your children’s pearly whites.

A few of the most harmful habits are

– Bad brushing technique: A bad brushing technique means that the plaque that accumulated on the teeth is not removed effectively. This provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and leads to tooth decay. It can take years for a child to develop a good brushing technique. As a parent, it is very important to continuously monitor and help them learn. Also, audio or visual cues such as playing a song while brushing or playing a video or using an app can help make the activity fun. Children are more likely to follow routines when an activity is fun and engaging.

– Tongue pushing: A child may start pushing the teeth with the tongue when swallowing. Over time, this becomes a habit and the child starts to do it more and more often. The position of the teeth with shift if this habit continues. This results in both functional and aesthetic impairment. The child should be monitored for such activity. A simple appliance called tongue crib can help the child hold the tongue in place while swallowing and get rid of the habit.

– Not rinsing after a sweet snack: This habit can be detrimental to a child’s oral health. When a child does not rinse after sweet treat, the tooth enamel is under constant attack from the acidic or sugary foods that a child eats. This leads to buildup of plaque and eventually leads to tooth decay

Our approach is to help you and your child instill the best dental habits and prevent issues before they arise. We see you and your children as more than just patients and parents. Our dentists are friendly and easy to talk to. Our goal is to create an environment that promotes warmth and trust.

Our dentist enjoys working with children and maintains a friendly and supportive atmosphere. She is trained on usage of behavioral management techniques while performing dental treatment on children. This ensures fear-free visits for your child.

If during the visit, your child is found to have decay or other conditions that require treatment, we typically schedule at a follow up appointment for treatment options. This allows the child to get comfortable with the environment before undergoing any treatment.

Walk into our office and take a tour of comfortable office and meet our friendly staff. Through our dental clinic in Richmond, you will have access to the best dentists in Melbourne. We hope our office becomes a “dental home” for your child – the place that you can rely on for your family’s dental and orthodontic needs.

We look forward to having you and child in our office.