Cosmetic dentistry is about a broad spectrum of dental treatments that are designed for enhancing your smile and correcting cracked, chipped, and also, unevenly spaced teeth. Right from tooth-coloured fillings to porcelain veneers today, patients have the opportunity to choose from an amazing array of cosmetic dentistry options and solutions for restoring dental health and regaining vitality to their overall looks and smile. Get in touch with a reputed dentist in Hawthorn for effective cosmetic dentistry solutions, as well as, treatment of standard dental issues. Some of you are concerned with certain dental aesthetic issues. Here are some questions associated with two common dental cosmetic issues such as braces and teeth whitening.

Are braces painful?

You may be experiencing a little bit of soreness and tenderness post adjustments, it is certainly not a painful process to get your braces done. If you are experiencing some sort of a poking or pinching from a wire, dental wax could be used for taking care of the irritation. It is a good idea to restrict yourself to only soft foods in the initial few days. You may have mashed potato, yogurt, or even fish.

How long would the braces be on?

Cosmetic dentistry issues should be treated as unique cases so it is difficult to predict how long each case would take. But on an average, patients usually require wearing braces for around one to almost a couple of years.

Do I need to avoid certain foods to safeguard my braces?

Yes, that is quite right. You would need to avoid certain foods that seem to be excessively chewy such as a bagel, or sticky such as caramel, or very hard such as ice or really crunchy such as carrots must actually be eliminated from your daily diet for the effective performance of braces and for cutting down treatment duration. Avail effective dental treatments from the most experienced and competent dentist in Hawthorn for all dental solutions.

Would I be able to participate in sports despite the braces?

Yes, of course, you can. If you seem to be wearing the traditional metal braces, it is best to wear an effective brace-ready mouth guard which would be safeguarding your braces from any kind of impact and protecting your mouth from getting hurt or any cuts or blisters from the braces.

What is teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is an effective procedure for restoring stained teeth to their previous glory. The teeth become sparkling white. This is a whitening treatment that is supposed to be just an in-office procedure.

Is there any evidence that these teeth whitening products are really effective and safe?

Yes, of course. These are standard bleaching products which are available at the dentists’ offices and specialised in-house systems have already got the ‘ADA Seal of Acceptance’ that is enough proof of their safety, effectiveness, and quality. It really pays to remember that most over-the-counter teeth whitening products do not possess the ‘Seal of Acceptance’. In this connection, schedule an appointment with the most reputed dentist based in Hawthorn.

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