Some Common Dental Issues You Must Not Neglect

Dental issues could be really frustrating. While some dental problems could be effectively tackled by scheduling an appointment as per your convenience, there are some dental emergencies that demand immediate dentist supervision. You could schedule an appointment with a reputed dentist in Docklands for regular dental check-ups and also in times of dental emergencies. Here are some common dental problems.

Tooth Decay      

Tooth decay is also referred to as cavities or caries. When starches and sugars are consumed and left to linger on your teeth for quite some time, a sticky bacterial film called plaque forms on your teeth. Everyone is at a risk of getting a cavity but children and aged people are the highly susceptible. However, today, thanks to the community water fluoridation, as well as, the growing inclination toward using fluoride toothpaste, the incidence of cavities and caries is fast declining. You should maintain a really good oral hygiene. Once you get a cavity, you could see an experienced dentist in Docklands who could consider a filling, a crown, and even a root canal treatment or RCT for treating the condition.

Bad Breath

The most common and obvious dental issue is none other than developing bad breath. The tongue could attract layers of bacteria that get embedded right there on the tongue resulting in the formation of Volatile Sulphur Compounds that are foul-smelling. Other possible causes that trigger bad breath are dry mouth and consumption of garlic or onions. Another potential cause of bad breath could be post nasal drip or PND that results in bad breath as bacteria gets attracted to the phlegm and mucus. Daily tongue scraping is the best thing you could do to avoid bad breath. You could also use antihistamines if suggested by your healthcare provider.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores could be of two types- Herpes and Canker sores. Canker sores seem to be non-virus based. These are caused by hereditary factors or even stress. Chronic mouth sore sufferers could alleviate their issue with laser therapy. Herpes, however, is supposed to be a contagious and virus-based dental issue. Herpes involves skin lesions all around your lips and mouth and even small blisters. Herpes cannot be cured but they could be treated with effective antiviral pills and creams.

Gum Disease

Gum disease could be triggered by three main factors including smoking habit, bad oral hygiene and even genetic susceptibility. The early stage of a gum infection is known as Gingivitis and the advanced stage is called Periodontitis. Everyone is at the potential risk of getting gum diseases but most of the people suffer from gum diseases if they have poor oral hygiene. Moreover, people suffering from any systemic disease like diabetes are mainly at risk as it would be lowering the resistance to the infection. Smokers also run the risk of acquiring gum diseases. Women often get gingivitis when they are pregnant.  Some other key risk factors include stress that could be weakening the genes and the immune system. If you are in Docklands, get in touch with your dentist for determining the course of action.

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