Are you looking for the right guidance to undergo dental surgeries in East Melbourne?

Bridge Rd Dental can do the needful!

We provide all the information related to different types of treatments that our dentists expertise in. All your doubts and queries shall be solved which will help you make a correct decision.

We follow a work process that includes an oral analysis of the mouth and an x-ray for tooth decay and gum disease. The reason we propose an x-ray is to conclude the possible treatment plans a patient requires. The instant x-ray images serve the above purpose.

Our dentists in East Melbourne shall assist you with all the proceeding of the treatment and how to keep a check on oral hygiene.

With a dynamic outlook towards the work process, our competent dentists offer rapid diagnosis and medication of dental urgencies.

Our USP is to never compromise on the quality of the treatment offered and use the latest technology for better results. We have a state-of-art clinic to implement the latest technology and a warm environment where our patients feel at home.

  • Intra Oral Camera – This allows you to see the inner areas of your mouth on a TV screen and know which treatments are necessary.
  • Digital x-ray – provide an immediate result with minimum radiation exposure
  • Tooth coloured fillings – a filling that matches the colour of your natural tooth

Services our dentists in East Melbourne expertise in are fillings, extractions, crowns, teeth whitening, braces, invisible braces, dentures, and of course the regular check-ups.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

These fillings are made in a way to resemble the exact natural- colour and an option to silver/amalgam fillings of the past, colour matched with your current teeth.


Decayed or infected teeth can be removed to prevent abscesses and other problems from developing.


A crown protects a broken or damaged tooth.

Whitening services

Whiten your teeth with our dentists in Melbourne and smile confidently.

Orthodontic braces and invisible braces

Make your teeth beautiful by selecting braces of your choice.


We help you with customised dentures.

Check-up and clean

Regular visits to a dentist are must to keep your teeth clean and oral care maintained. So, visiting us is mandatory!

Root canals

We provide expert solutions for root canal treatments.

Children’s dentistry

It’s always advisable to treat children with dental problems at an early age to avoid future complexities.

To conclude, dental care is of utmost importance irrespective of the age and one should not overlook even minor dental issues.

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