A smile is the most attractive feature of an individual and it is thus important to flaunt it. However, there are minor defects that have to be corrected to achieve that perfect smile.

Misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, overbite and underbites are few of the oral problems that can hamper your oral health and appearance. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that emphasises on the correction of jaw and teeth when they are improperly positioned. Individuals with such cases can face issues to maintain oral hygiene and failure of which can invite infections and decays.

Our highly professional dentists in Kew are experts in performing orthodontic treatments which include tooth extractions, braces and crowns. These treatments will be beneficial in maintaining oral care. It also enhances one’s smile, the alignment and position of a patient’s teeth become straight and proper because of the treatment. Moreover, the facial structure undergoes an impressive change with the help of the therapy. Our clinic offers treatments from trained, intelligent and efficient dentists that are capable of performing successful surgeries.

Orthodontic issues like overbites, underbites and narrow jaws can be commonly found in children and it is necessary to treat these problems on time. The perfect age for children to undergo treatments is typically between seven and ten when their jaws are still developing and can be fixed easily. Bridge Road Dental offers a wide range of services to help patients maintain their oral care.

Many parents overlook the dental care of their children as the problems are not severe or not seen but it is important to visit dentists to assure their teeth are growing in an aligned manner. This shall ensure that children don’t face any major problems in the coming future. A regular check-up by our dentists in Kew is a must. Our dentists in Kew follow a complete process with the help of latest technology. For teeth straightening, we use soft but continuous pressure on teeth to get effective results. We also use traditional metal braces if needed.  The patients are required to put on the braces for a year or two considering the intricacy of the issue and oral hygiene. The duration of the treatment is highly dependent on the level of hygiene, wearing auxiliaries, avoiding wrong food and regular check-ups at the Kew’s clinic.

We assure that your self-esteem shall increase manifold times and your confidence will be at its best. Our dentists in Kew believe in giving brilliant services to our patients and extreme satisfaction.

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