Oral health is something many of us, at some point, have been guilty of neglecting. Back in school, we were taught to bathe everyday, to wash our hands before eating and to brush our teeth before going to bed. But let’s be honest, many of us, at some point in our lives, have been guilty of neglecting our oral and dental health. Only a few make it a point to brush their teeth and floss, before going to bed.

Choosing the right toothpaste:

We need to understand that not everyone’s dental and oral needs are not the same. Some might need to purchase and use a toothpaste that protects gums, while others who have sensitive teeth need to use a toothpaste formulated specially for sensitive teeth. Understanding your dental needs, by consulting a dentist in kew, who will advise a toothpaste, based on your dental needs.

Changing your toothbrush:

Every product has a shelf life and a time and your humble toothbrush is no different. The average time in which a toothbrush needs to be changed is 6 months, as the bristle gets worn out and looses it’s shape and flexibility, which in turn will hamper it’s ability to reach into the gaps and dislodge tartar and food particles.

Using a Mouthwash:

Using a mouthwash post meals will not just freshen up your breath, but will also get into the narrowest corners and gaps between your teeth, and not just dislodge any microscopic food particles, but many mouthwashes are also anti bacterial, which can keep your teeth protected and prevent the growth of bad bacteria, that can cause cavities, Gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath. Consulting dentist in kew will ensure that the dentist is able to recommend a mouthwash based on your dental needs and requirements.

Getting regular dental check-ups:

A regular visit to the dentist, for a general check up, will give you a better understanding of the condition of your oral health. A regular and timely check up will ensure that your oral health care is taken care of and will prevent any future oral complications.

Taking care of your dental and oral health will ensure that you do not face issues like cavities, bad breath and entertaining basic dental hygiene will go a long way in ensuring that you you always have a sparkling smile

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