Children Dentistry is a field of dental studies that deals with teeth, mouth and gums of the children from infancy to their teenage years. This area of dentistry requires a lot of knowledge in the development of the teeth from infancy.
Babies have teeth but are still hidden in the gums. Although teeth is not visible, it does not mean that we pay no attention to their oral health. Parents should see to it that the babies’ gums are being cleaned with soft cloth. Formula may contain sugar and if it stays in the babies’ mouth, it may cause some problems in the future. When the first tooth of the baby comes out, you can now use a soft brush to take care of the teeth. Developing oral health care at an early age will help their teeth grow better.
During the early stage of their childhood, the teeth will grow stronger but no matter how beautiful the teeth is, it will definitely fall off and these baby teeth will be replace by much stronger and bigger teeth called the permanent teeth. Children dentistry is very much concern on the changing of the teeth to make sure that the permanent teeth will grow in the right direction.
Your teeth grows with you. When you were a kid, you have more teeth because they are smaller. Adults have lesser teeth but they are bigger. Visit the clinic of your dentist often to avoid any uneven teeth. This is quite better than to use braces later. Uneven teeth can affect your appearance by making your face protrude depending on the shape of the jaws.
Children dentistry corrects the problems before they arise. Since the teeth are still new, they are still soft and can easily be corrected. Since they are still young, dentists teach proper oral care to the children and instill in them its importance.
If you think that most children are not really concern about their appearance, teeth may have greater impact in their eating habits, speech and even oral care.

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