Teeth and often the entire facial structures could be changed on a permanent basis by the use of orthodontic treatment. It is necessary for the treatment to be appropriate and effectively completed. In this context, you must understand that orthodontic specialists possess specialized and extensive training that equip them with the knowledge and proficiency to offer personalized and professional treatments to their patients. Here are a few common queries about braces and the answers provided by experts should help you learn more about braces and their benefits. You could visit a reputed orthodontist in Richmond for fixing the braces.

Why does one opt for orthodontic treatment?

An orthodontic treatment helps in making your smile even more attractive than before so this kind of treatment is sought for improving overall self-esteem and self-image. Orthodontic treatment also helps in preventing and alleviating other physical dental issues. Due to lack of treatment, orthodontic issues could culminate in tooth decay, bone destruction, gum disease, digestive difficulties, chewing issues, tooth loss, speech impairments and other kinds of dental injuries.

Why are braces required even if my teeth seem to be straight but there is some issue with my bite?

Orthodontics is not just meant for beautiful teeth. A good and healthy bite is essential for eliminating other health issues in the years to come. It would be helping teeth to combat too much wear.

Will the braces hurt?

Most patients have reported some discomfort during the first seven days after their braces have been fixed and there is some sort of discomfort right after their braces are adjusted. You may consider having aspirin, ibuprofen or any non-aspirin pain reliever for easing the pain and discomfort.

Do I need to avoid school on the day I get my braces done?

No, of course not! There is absolutely no reason for you to miss school. With a pain reliever, you would be perfectly fit and fine to attend school. Get your braces done in a reliable dental clinic in Richmond.

Will braces prove to be an impediment to my sports aspirations?

No, not at all! Patients are, however, advised to wear a mouth guard to protect their smiles while participating in active sports. Mouth guards are comfortable, inexpensive, and are available in a host of colours.

Do I need to avoid any food?

Yes, you need to avoid some types of food to avoid any emergency appointment for repairing damaged or broken braces. Once your braces are fixed, you would be given comprehensive instructions and you would get an extensive list of all the foods that you must avoid to allow your braces to stay undamaged.  The food that you may avoid includes hard candy, ice, popcorn, corn chips, raw vegetables and raw fruits.

How many times should I consider brushing during the day?

Braces make way for small ledges. You would come across small ledges, and nooks, and crannies that attract food particles or deposits that could culminate in gum issues and cavities unless a good brushing and flossing job is done. Patients are advised to brush minimum four times daily.

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