Most adults are known to have dental fillings and some are bound to require dental fillings anytime in future. It is, therefore, essential for you to learn more about dental fillings, the different kinds, and the best filling options open to you. You must understand that dental fillings are supposed to be an easy, comfortable, and convenient procedure that is often recommended by your specialist for creating numerous basic repair jobs. You would likely have numerous colleagues, friends, and relatives who have fillings in their teeth. Get in touch with a qualified dentist in Docklands for perfect dental solutions.

Composite Tooth Fillings

A composite filling makes use of a robust and durable resin for repairing tooth fractures and cracks or filling cavities. Composite fillings offer tighter fits than old filling materials like silver amalgams. They also do not look out of place because they are the same colour as your teeth. Whether you are filling back or front teeth, composite fillings are the way to go.

What is the Length of a Standard Filling Procedure?

There is no set duration for a procedure like a dental filling due to the sheer variety and how each case is unique. Some factors that determine this include the size of the fracture or cavity, the number of fillings, and individual locations of cavities. The material for composite fillings must be painted onto the teeth and also hardened under a special light, which is slightly time-consuming. It could easily take up to an hour, so you should be prepared beforehand. Schedule an appointment with the best dentist based in Docklands.

Do Dental Fillings Hurt?

Usually, dental fillings would not hurt because local anaesthesia is administered. When the area to be treated has become numb, no pain or discomfort would be experienced when the cavity is being filled. However, you must understand that even though, the dental filling process is not really painful, you may experience a wee bit of pain or discomfort when the dentist goes about drilling away the tooth decay. You may experience some amount of sensitivity to temperature and pressure and that seems to be perfectly normal and would be going away in no time.

Could Many Dental Fillings Be Done at One Go?

You could easily opt for a number of dental fillings at one go if you are up to it. There is no limitation regarding the maximum number of fillings that could be handled by a qualified dentist at the same time. You could go ahead with one tooth filling or a number of them as per the dentists’ dictates. If you are able to leave your mouth wide open over an extended period of time, your dentist could do multiple fillings at a time.

Often patients are able to maintain dental fillings for a decade or so. You must take a lot of care of your dental fillings to ensure minimum wear and tear. You must visit a dentist at least, twice every year for routine exams and dental cleanings. Brushing teeth twice every day is the best way of taking care of your Pearlies. Flossing is a must. Moreover, you must consume a host of healthy food for enhancing your overall oral health. If you are in Docklands, see a qualified dentist regularly.

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