Cosmetic Dentistry for Enhancing Your Smile:-

Your smile is the first impression that people get from you. Your smile reflects your personality. Since it is the very first thing others notice about you, it is high time you did something to enhance your smile. A healthy smile may not be achieved overnight, but thanks to a radical progress in the field of cosmetic dentistry now you have access to a wide variety of treatment techniques for enhancing your smile to a great extent.

Adults often face various age-associated changes in their gums and teeth that could result in a less radiant and youthful-looking smile. Most people turn to the cutting-edge techniques of cosmetic dentistry to revive their charming smile. If you are contemplating a complete dental makeover, here is a look at some of the effective procedures that are quite common today.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure involves the professional application of a bleaching agent on your teeth. In this procedure, your dentist activates the bleaching agent with the help of an ultraviolet light. In-office teeth whitening could take from around 45 minutes to a couple of hours for every session and it may be necessary to take several sessions for the desired results. However, laser whitening though expensive could be effective in only a single sitting.


Bonding using a tooth-coloured material seems to be the cheapest and the quickest way of filling in chips and cracks in your teeth. The bonding material should match perfectly with the exact colour of your teeth. It should then be applied by your dentist in Hawthorn, then smoothened and ultimately, hardened using laser or ultraviolet light.


These are customized porcelain or plastic mouldings that are used for covering your decayed tooth. They usually, last for about ten to fifteen years. Synthetic composite veneers though less expensive, last only for about five to roughly 7 years.


Dentures are actually made of metal, acrylic resin or porcelain and could be complete or partial depending on the number of missing teeth. Good quality removable dentures would look as good as natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Implants are the costliest of all dental cosmetic procedures for repairing missing or damaged teeth. A maxillofacial surgeon goes about implanting a metal post right into the jaw exactly where your new tooth would be placed. He then goes on to cementing a crown right on top of the implanted post. Sometimes implants would be necessitating some additional dental work for strengthening your jawbone or lifting the sinus cavity.


Crowns come at different prices depending on the material used in it. Crowns are normally  attached post a root canal treatment for protecting whatever is remaining of your original tooth. Crowns are also, effective in stabilizing a tooth if cracks occur.


Nowadays latest ceramic braces are very much available to give you a natural look. But people with veneers have to use old-fashioned braces made of metal as ceramic braces cannot attach to veneers.


Permanent bridges are said to include one or, even more, false teeth that are implanted between couple of porcelain crowns.

Gum Surgery

Scarred gum tissue or badly affected gum tissue due to periodontal disease could be revived using effective gum surgery. The periodontal surgeon would typically be reshaping the gums taking tissue from the palate.

Once you have gone through some sort of cosmetic dental procedure, it is mandatory on your part to maintain healthy and proper dental habits such as brushing twice a day followed by flossing.  This is essential for prolonging the effects of your cosmetic dental procedure.