The foundation for your child’s healthy permanent teeth is laid in the initial few years of his life. Poor food intake habits, bad diet, and inappropriate tooth brushing habits are some of the factors that are responsible for tooth decay, especially, in children. It is, therefore, pretty important to come up with a proper oral hygiene regimen early in your child’s life to make sure that he gets healthy and robust teeth. You must schedule an appointment with a fully-qualified dentist in Hawthorn so that your child has no oral health problems or dental issues.

It is the responsibility of parents to make their kids understand and appreciate the significance of oral hygiene. Child dentistry has often left many parents puzzled and unsure of what steps to take or what decisions to make. Here are experts’ answers to some frequently asked child dentistry questions.

When should my kid visit a dentist for the very first time?

Paediatric dentistry is all about children right from when they are just toddlers till they are teenagers or just adults. According to research and studies, you must take your child for a dental and oral health examination when his first tooth comes out and surely by his first birthday.

Do you think that baby teeth are important? Why?

Yes, of course, baby teeth are really important. They play a pivotal role when your child graduates from consuming liquids and semi-solids to chewing solid food items. They promote good nutrition, help your kid to talk clearly and lay a solid foundation for the permanent teeth to follow.

How often should I take my child to the dentist?

Children should be taken to a qualified dentist for a complete dental examination every six months or so for a thorough cleaning for the effective prevention of cavities. Regular visits to the dentist in the early childhood days help your child to feel relaxed and comfortable about a dental check-up in the years to come. This proves to be a good start toward maintaining top oral hygiene habits. Take your child to an experienced dentist based in Hawthorn.

When is the right time to include toothpaste in your child’s oral hygiene regimen?

Right from the time, your baby gets his first tooth, you must start introducing toothpaste. You must follow all the instructions provided on the package. Be careful and make sure that your kid is prevented from unnecessarily swallowing excessive toothpaste. Always clean your child’s teeth with a nice, child-sized toothbrush. As responsible parents, it is important for you to learn effective cleaning tips and keep practicing them.

When to introduce fluoride toothpaste?

It is best to start fluoride at the earliest possible. As soon as, you notice the first tooth, start a cleaning and brushing regimen for your child’s gums and tooth. Use a little fluoride toothpaste to brush your child’s tooth twice daily. When your child grows older and is able to spit out properly the toothpaste, you could slightly increase the quantity of toothpaste to a dollop of the size of a pea. Make sure that you are helping and guiding your child in brushing his teeth and maintaining oral hygiene.

What are the diets that are beneficial to my child’s teeth?

Your child must have a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, dairy etc. to promote good oral health and hygiene. You must drink plenty of water every day.

What are some of the foods to avoid?

You must restrict the intake of starches and sugars to safeguard you baby’s teeth from any decay. You must avoid giving your child any sticky food or even soft drinks. You must cut down the factors leading to cavities and other dental issues. You could seek help from any reputed dentist from a reliable clinic in Hawthorn.

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