A root canal treatment is often suggested by your dentist for repairing and salvaging an infected or badly damaged tooth. This effective procedure would be involving removal of damaged area or pulp of the tooth, proper cleaning and disinfecting, thereafter, filling and sealing the affected tooth. The pulp could be badly affected because of a deep cavity, cracked tooth, and sometimes, because of frequent dental treatments. Consult a competent dentist in Docklands if you are having dental issues.

Why not opt for a tooth extraction instead?

Tooth extraction seems to be an easy and quick way out, but RCT is the best way of salvaging your affected tooth. It helps to retain your natural tooth. When a tooth is pulled out, certain issues may crop up with the jaw and overall teeth alignment. When you opt for an artificial tooth to replace your damaged natural tooth, you may have to avoid certain types of food. Moreover, this dental procedure is often less expensive than a tooth extraction and an implant or a bridge.

How would you understand that a root canal treatment is required?

You should be alarmed when you experience shooting pain that does not allow you to sleep at night, or when you have something hot or cold or when you try to chew using the affected tooth. All these are symptoms of the fact that the nerve could be dying and the root canal treatment would be required to alleviate the pain. There could be some inflammation too. If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to schedule an appointment with your nearest dentist if you are in Docklands.

What does the procedure involve?

The root canal treatment involves a few steps over a number of office visits. Your dentist would suggest X-rays to examine the exact location of the decay. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. The root canal treatment is, therefore, not a painful procedure. The first step is called pulpectomy. An opening is created for removing the diseased pulp. Then the roots which have been opened would be filled properly with gutta-percha material. The tooth is then effectively sealed off by using cement.

Is the Procedure Painful?

There is no reason to panic about pain. Generally, you would be experiencing relief from all symptoms after the first appointment itself. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, it is a painless procedure. It feels same as getting a filling done. You may, however, experience some discomfort afterward for just a few days. You would be asked to have over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug.

What about post treatment care?

Suppose after the root canal treatment, your tooth still hurts or there is some sort of tenderness and swelling, you must get in touch with your dental professional at once. These could be indications that there still may be some issues that require attention. Normally if root canal treatment is done by a competent dentist, there are no complications.

You must never neglect your gums and teeth. Take good care of your teeth just as advised by your dentist, when you go for your regular dental check-ups. Whenever there seems to be something wrong with your oral health, see an experienced dentist in Docklands for effective treatment.

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