8 Wonderful Ways to Keep Your Teeth White and Clean:-

Are you anxious about your teeth turning yellow? If your answer is yes, you must approach a dentist in the suburbs of Melbourne. Your teeth may be stained because of several reasons – tea, coffee, water, food, medicines, etc. But, if you keep your teeth clean, it will stay white. An experienced dentist in East Melbourne can help you to make your teeth white, in case they have started getting stained.

# Use good toothpastes

The easiest way to make your teeth glowing at an affordable rate is to use a good toothpaste brand that does not have a negative impact on your enamel. Brush your teeth twice regularly in the proper manner to make sure that they stay clean.

# See if your toothpaste has blue covarine

Blue covarine in paste not only creates a shining coating over your teeth that make it glow, but also sticks to your teeth protecting it.

# Opt for teeth bleaching

You may visit the dentist and ask him or her to bleach it. The expert will position a protective gel or rubber guard on your gums to make sure that you do not feel any sort of irritation in that region. The expert, then, takes a tray and puts peroxide gel into it before putting it on your teeth.

# Try laser whitening

When you go to a dentist in East Melbourne, you can ask him or her to treat you, with laser beams. The dentist applies a bleaching gel to your teeth and a rubber shield to your gum. Then, he or she places you under a bright laser light for about half an hour. The light is very effective in activating the chemical present in the gel and cleaning your teeth

# Change your toothbrush every few months

Did you know that changing your toothbrush is essential to make sure that it works properly? The best is to change it after every 3 months.

# Use the right toothbrush

In the event that you are extremely anxious to maintain the beauty of your teeth, it is better to use the right toothbrush. Make sure that the brush has soft bristles that do not harm your gums or your teeth.

# Take a half hour gap

Brushing is good, but it can be better, if you avoid the activity; immediately after finishing off your food. You can only wash your mouth, with water after eating and after 30 minutes, brush off the food. This step is necessary because the acid generated immediately after eating makes your teeth and gums soft and immediate brushing may make them susceptible to scratches.

# Use a toothpaste with fluoride, even for kids

You may think that fluoride may be too strong for your little one, but its complete absence may not be too good either.

When you visit a dentist in East Melbourne, you can learn about these measures from him or her. These steps can help you in having shiny white teeth that you are proud to display to everyone.

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