Ever individual including children and adults try to avoid visiting dentists in some point of their lives just out of fear of going through some dental treatment. However, people fail to understand that even small changes in their oral hygiene routine can help them avoid dentist visits. Here are few important oral habits that should not be missed in the dental routine.


To avoid tooth decay, it is important to follow a good brushing habit. Following guidelines will help you in getting the best results:

– Brush twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, before you go to bed.

– Give attention to every part of your mouth and brush for at least two minutes.

–  Holding your brush at a 45-degree angle will be more effective in cleaning your teeth.

–  Using floss helps to remove plaque and food particles that are accumulated between your tooth.

–  Gently floss every tooth by using any type of floss which is convenient for you.

–  Ensure your gums are prevented from damage while using floss.

Cleaning Your Tongue

It is very important to clean your tongue regularly. It helps you in eliminating the bacteria and reduces bad breath. There various ways and methods to clean your tongue. The same can be done using a tongue cleaner, brush or even a string of floss can help. Clean your tongue as far back as possible without getting a gag reflex.

Use of Mouthwash

Using mouthwash gives you fresh breath, also helps reduce oral bacteria which further helps in reducing cavities. There are plenty of options available in mouthwash. It is recommended to choose a standard product that is safe and effective. After you brush, floss your teeth rinse your mouth with the mouthwash. Rinse it for about 30-40 seconds and spit out and rinse again using clean water.

Routine Check-up

Although following good oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy and avoids the risk of dental issues, but it doesn’t give 100% protection. It is necessary to do a routine check-up at your dentists on a regular basis. These check-ups can help you avoid major dental issues that can come up in the future.

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