Which parent doesn’t wish the best for their child? Almost all! So, while every parent is obsessed with their child’s body and mind health, dental health should also not be left behind. It is essential for every child to imbibe good oral health habits that avoid dental-related issues. However, with growing age, certain dental problems are inevitable. In such cases, preventive and proactive care is always important.

Here are the three common dental problems that children can face in their early age:


1.Tooth Decay (Cavities)

Of all the issues, tooth decay can be prominently found in children because of their poor brushing habits. Some kids are not proficient in brushing and flossing and need supervision by their parents. Also, it gets worse if the child consumes more sugar. Tooth decay is a result of plaque that is accumulated at the surface of the teeth. The acid present in the plaque ends up eating the enamel and gradually wears away at the tooth.

2. Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity among children is often disturbing and uncomfortable. It can affect a child’s routine and focus. It can be caused due to several reasons and hence it is necessary to visit dentists once a year. Cavities, new teeth, acid erosion, are some of the reasons that cause tooth sensitivity. There are many treatments to fix this issue and it is essential to get it diagnosed sooner. If cavities are an issue, it should be prevented immediately from aggravating.

3. Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies could occur at any given point in time while the child is growing. Falling off the bike, fights with siblings, and playing sports are a few examples that might require dental emergencies as there could be teeth chipping, breaking, or cracking. If at all your child’s permanent teeth fall off, call the dentists immediately. By keeping the teeth in milk or saline solution, the dentist can fix the permanent teeth back to its place.

Bridge Rd Dental has dentists in Docklands who will help you overcome any of the above dental issues. Do not overlook your child’s dental care and give the importance that it needs. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

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