Porcelain Veneer

A veneer is used when you have chipped or broken tooth or would like to improve the colour of your teeth. So in effect, veneers are used to change the shape and shade of a tooth. Very little of the tooth is removed during a veneer placement. So, with a veneer, you are able to keep most of your natural tooth. Your natural tooth is stronger than any artificial material that is implanted. It is recommended to retain most of your natural tooth whenever possible. This allows you to retain the strength of your natural teeth while giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance to them. Veneers are extremely thin shell of porcelain or composite that is placed over the tooth. Veneers are recommended in a number of cases, such as:

– Discoloured teeth: Veneers are placed as an additional layer over your natural teeth. Veneers cover your natural tooth and so cover discoloration that you may have.

– Chipped or broken teeth: A chipped or broken tooth does not look aesthetically pleasing. A veneer allows you to cover the broken tooth and give it a natural appearance. A veneer does not fix a chipped or broken tooth. It only adds a thin shell of porcelain or composite to cover the broke tooth.

– Uneven or misaligned teeth: If you have crooked or misaligned teeth. A veneer is a great way to cosmetically change the appearance of a tooth without getting braces. A veneer does not fix uneven or misaligned teeth. A veneer is placed carefully over the misaligned tooth. Once placed it gives the impression that the teeth are well aligned. A well-placed veneer will not affect your bite or any other function of your natural tooth. Our dentists are highly experienced and have years of experience with cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne. We take great care in ensuring you get the best dental care available in Melbourne. A veneer cannot correct all types of misaligned teeth. Our dentist will do an evaluation and suggest the treatment only you fit the treatment criteria.

Before placement, the required tooth is first carefully prepared. The prepared tooth is acid etched for a few seconds. A dental cement is applied both to the prepared tooth and the veneer. The veneer is then carefully bonded onto the tooth. Once placed, a special light is applied to activate chemicals in the cement and secures the veneer in place.

A veneer is purely cosmetic and does not improve functionality of your teeth. However, in most cases, a veneer can help you retain your natural teeth. There is no artificial implant that is more functional than your natural teeth. So, a veneer is an important tool that the dentist can suggest to ensure you get the best treatment option.

Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, has provided porcelain veneer in the Melbourne region for years now. Our dentists will discuss the desired goal of the treatment with you. The will also provide all the details of the procedure and create a treatment course that best suits your needs. Come meet us at Bridge Road Dental and we’ll make sure you walk out with your best smile.