Tooth Coloured Fillings

Decay happens when sugars present in your food react with plaque on your teeth. Over time, this reaction start to wear off the enamel. Salts present in your saliva will usually help your teeth recover. However, sometimes your enamel will not be able to recover from sustained reactions. Usually when you drink a sugary drink or other carbohydrate foods between meals, the teeth are unable to recover. Over time, this leads to cavity.

If the cavity has reached your dentin, your teeth may become sensitive. As the decay gets closer to the pulp of your teeth, you will start experiencing a toothache. Once decay sets in, dentist has no option but to hollow out the decayed portions. When a tooth is hollowed out, the tooth is both functionally and structurally compromised. Traditionally, materials such as dental amalgam (silver), porcelain or gold have been used to fill this gap. The availability of tooth coloured fillings means you have a safer and more natural looking option when choosing a filling.

Tooth coloured fillings are a sturdy, aesthetically-pleasing alternative to “silver” fillings. Tooth coloured restorations or fillings are also referred to as composites, because they are composed of a complex molecular structure of a resin matrix and fillers.

Before beginning a tooth filling, the dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the teeth. Next, the dentist will use a drill or a laser to remove all the decayed parts of your tooth. After the decayed parts are hollowed out, your dentist will use the tooth-coloured fillings to fill in all the missing parts of your tooth.

The best thing about tooth coloured fillings is it looks very close to your natural tooth colour. At Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, we take great care to match the colour of the filling with the colour of your tooth. The aesthetic appearance of your teeth is one of our priorities.

Tooth coloured fillings, however, are not all about looks. Over the years, tooth coloured fillings have become harder and more comparable to silver/amalgam restorations. A good quality tooth coloured filling will last you a lifetime when maintained properly. Our dentists are some of the best cosmetic dentists in Melbourne. At Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, we only use the best materials to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime.