Sports Mouth Guard

If you enjoy contact sports such as rugby or basketball, the risk of injury to the mouth is very high.  Other recreational sports such as rollerblading or skateboarding also carry a high risk of injury to the mouth. There are number of sports that you might think are safe, but is actually carry a high risk of injury to the face. We always take care to get the right helmet, shoulder and knee pads, shoes and so on. However, a lot of us overlook one important piece of safety equipment – sports mouth guards.

If you are someone who enjoys playing sports, wearing a sport mouth guard is a must. Mouth guards help you cushion falls or cushion blows to your mouth and protect your teeth. A good mouth guard does not stop at just protecting your teeth. They can also protect you against head injuries. Mouth guards act as shock absorbers to protect the head against concussions. Additionally, a good mouth guard can prevent injury to the tongue and lips.

Numerous sporting goods stores sell sporting mouth guards. However, each individual’s mouth and teeth is different. The one-size-fit-all mouth guards available at sporting goods stores do not always serve the purpose. They are often bulky and do not fit well. Wearing a bad-fitting mouth guard does little to protect your teeth. While custom-made mouth guards can be more expensive than the regular one-size-fit-all mouth guards, you will find that your investment is well worth it. It would protect you from a lot of potential pain and discomfort. Besides, who can really put a price on a great smile?

At Bridge Road Dental, Richmond, we specialize at making custom-fit sport mouth guards. An impression of your teeth is first taken and a perfectly fitting mouth guard is made. At our clinic, mouth guards are crafted for each individual to ensure a comfortable fit. A mouth guard that is custom-made just for you allows you to breathe normally without any problems and speak easily.

At our dental clinic in Richmond, we house some of the best dentists in Melbourne. Your oral health and safety are our top priority. We only use the best materials and equipment to ensure your mouth guard serves you for a long time. With us you can be assured of the highest quality of care and precision.

With our custom-fit sport mouth guards in place, the only thing you will have to worry about is scoring the next point. Come meet us at Bridge Road Dental, Richmond.