Comprehensive Checkup & Clean

Prevention is better than cure…and a lot cheaper!

Regular dental visits are the cornerstone of a good oral health. The standard recommendation is to visit your dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleanings. However, people with gum disease, cavities, or a weakened immune system may need to visit a dentist more frequently.

Also, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to have regular dental exams. Treatment of complicated conditions during pregnancy is difficult. If you have conditions such as diabetes, you are also at increased risk of gum disease. Regular dental exams ensure any conditions are caught early and nipped at the bud.

Our dentists at Bridge Road Dental, Richmond are some of the best dentists in Melbourne. During a regular dental visit, your dentist will:

Review your medical history

Your dentist will as you questions about your medical history. The dentist will also question you about signs or symptoms that may indicate a more serious condition.

Examine your teeth and gums for cavities

Cavities can cause havoc to your oral health. If not treated early, cavities can result in a more expensive treatment. Also, in some cases cavities may result in loss of tooth or a more extensive or complicated procedure. Cavities also cause some embarrassing problems such as bad breath. Your dentist at Bridge Road Dental Clinic will perform a thorough examination and suggest treatment options if cavities are found.

Check for buildup of plaque, or tartar

Plaque is a colourless layer of bacteria that is formed on your teeth and on your gums.  When left unchecked, the plaque can turn into a tartar. Tartar is yellow in colour. Tartar forms ideal conditions for more Plaque to grow and compounds your dental problems. The presence of plaque and tartar leads to higher rates of tooth decay and gum disease.

Clean any excess buildup of plaque

Once there is a buildup of plaque and tartar, it takes a trained dentist to remove it. If plaque or tartar is found, your dentist will perform a scale and clean of your teeth. Your dentist will use an electric scaler with a jet of water to remove any plaque, tartar or calculus found on your teeth. A scale and clean procedure is an optimal way of protecting your pearly whites.

Look for early signs of oral cancer

Early detection is key to treating serious conditions like oral cancer. The trained eyes of your dentist will look for:

–  Red or white spots in your oral cavity

– A bleeding or non-healing sore

– Lumps, thickening, eroded areas, etc

– Difficulty chewing, swallowing, moving your jaw, etc.

Additionally, your dentist will also ask you questions about signs or symptoms to identify any potential cancer.

Give you advice on healthy lifestyle changes

Your dentist will provide you information about the habits that lead to good oral health. This would include maintaining a good cleaning schedule, an appropriate diet, brushing techniques and so on. It is very important to follow the advice of your dentist to ensure that you have the best oral health.

Regular dental exams can ensure your teeth are cleaner and last longer. Healthy natural teeth go a long way in improving your appearance. Bridge Road Dental, Richmond houses some of the best dentists in Melbourne. Come visit us and be assured you are in safe hands.